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Join Edge Home Finance

2nd Largest Mortgage Brokerage in the US - 600 Loan Officers

Euro Bill

275 bps

All Loans!

Make 275bps on every loan, or have the choice of going borrower paid if you need to offer even lower pricing. Edge takes a flat fee of $995 on every loan, plus 10% payroll processing. We have a cap of $15,000 on most residential loans.

Residential Apartment Building

Over 80 Residential & Commercial Investors

Every Loan You'll Ever Need

Dozens of government, conventional, non-qm and commercial loans $100 million+ offered.

Residential Apartment Building
American Flag

Run Your Business How You Want

No One is Breathing Down Your Neck..

Your business, your customers, do what works for you. Work the hours you want, get more time with your family. You can have your own branding (must mention Edge) and put out marketing without going through compliance department each time.

Licensed In 30 States

...& Working On Remaining 20

States in blue are currently licensed

Green are waiting on approval from authorities

Grey are next on list

Screenshot 2023-02-06 223152.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-21 235515.jpg


You Have Freedom, But Are Not On An Island By Yourself

We offer regular trainings interviewing our top loan officers. There is also an active company facebook group where you can post questions any time. 

We are a strong community all excited to help each other grow and succeed.

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