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For those with good credit, conventional loans are a great low down option for primary, vacation, and investment homes.


Things to know:

- Manufactured homes, warrantable condos, and 1-4 unit stick built homes can be financed.

- As low as 3% down on one unit primary residences!

- More units, second homes, or investment properties require a larger down payment of at least 10-15%. If you are looking to buy a multifamily investment property and will live in one unit, try FHA for the lowest down payment.

- Minimum 620 credit score required.

- 2021 Conventional loan limits for single family homes in the more populated areas of Washington are $776,250, and for 4 unit homes $1,492,800.

- Take advantage of the appreciation we've seen in this market and do a cash out refinance up to 80% LTV to finance another property, do renovations, etc.

- While conventional loans are great for investors, there are limits to what it can offer. For more investor friendly programs, go here.

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